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Our Tourguides

They are the soul of our tours. They know even the smallest sideroad of our tour, they let you find spots and places which you may never find when riding on your own. No wonder, our guides roam the contry roads of the South West for thousands of kilometers during the winter months, by bike and by car to improve thex existing and to explore new tours to make your trip with us even more exiting.

Our tour guides are there to solve almost any problem which may arise during your stay with us and their sole aim is, to make your tour an unforgettable experience for you.

Our demands on tourguides are high: apart from proven exprience as guides, they must be active, experienced motorcyclists, have had training in first aid and be certified Advanced Motorcyclist by IAM (http://www.iam.org.uk.)

Each group is assigned on tour guide for the whole week, so you can adapt to him and he will be able to adapt to each individual guests riding style and personality.

The team (left to right): Gordon, Roger, Pete, Nick, Robin, Mark,  Rhys, Warren)
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