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2015 Tours

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2015 Tours

9.5.2015 to 16.5.2015*
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30.5.2015 to 6.6.2015*
Book now and enjoy 10% discount**
20.6.2015 to 27.6.2015*
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4.7.2015 to 11.7.2015*
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25.7.2015 to 1.8.2015*

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8.8.2015 to 15.8.2015*
Book now and enjoy 10% discount**
5.9.2015 to 12.9.2015*
Book now and enjoy 10% discount**
We couldn´t beleive it ourselves, how fast our 2014 tours were booked !
Now we have added two more tours in our 2015 tour calendar.

**Offer lasts until 31.12.2014 (Booking date)

Saturday (Arrival Day)
With your booking, we have reserved the ferry from Calais to Dover. The ferry departs at 16.05 hrs and our tour guide awaits you at 15:00 hrs. at the Checkin Terminal in Calais. Please note that we cannot wait for you if you miss the ferry. In this case you will have to purchase a new ticket at the terminal and follow the group. We will keep contact with you by mobile phone. More details are available in our booking confirmation which you will receive after you have booked your tour with us.

After 90 minutes, the ferry arrives at Dover. You have refreshed your energy during the reöaxing ride and the tour guide leads you to the tour hotel which we will reach around 20.00hrs after a smooth ride with several stops using dual carriage and motorways so you can experience the British way of driving.
After a wellcome drink (which is on us) and a quick refresher in your room a sumptuous three course dinner awaits you. For those who fancy good wines, the hotel offers a large selection of classy Italian and French red and white wines (not included), but lovers of German beer may also enjoy Franziskaner Weissbier and and other German bottled beers. (not included).
After dinner, you may want to take the chance to know your group and your tour guide a bit better and to exchange some fuel-talk in the hotels cosy pub section, which, like the restaurant, is also open to the public so you may also meet some members of the public.

Sunday to Friday
Each day , our tour guides will take you to six diferent areas within the South West and Southern Wales.
After a delicious continental or English breakfast we set off around 09.00 hrs and return to the hotel around 18:30 hrs. where dinner will be waiting for us after a relaxing chill out in the hotels beautiful country garden with drinks, talk and leg stretching.

Saturday (Departure Day)
On the departure day, we leave the hotel rather early in the morning and ride to the ACE Cafe in London, where we will take breakfast and take a look at hundreds of riders and their bikes who meet at this famous biker spot every weekend during the season. Around 11.00 hrs, we proceed to Dover to meet the 14.00 hrs ferry which takes us back to the continent. You will arrive at Calais at 15:30 hrs.

The Tours*

  • Sunday Salesbury Plain and Somerset Levels Tour **
  • Monday  Delightful Devon Tour **
  • Tuesday Stratford-upon-Avon & The Cotswolds Tour **
  • Wednesday Brecon Beacons and Elan Valley,  Wales calling Tour **
  • Thursday  Jurassic Coast Ride back 180 million years on your bike**
  • Friday  Exmoor Explorer Tour **

** The tour sequence is subject to change without prior notice

Roads:  Our tours are planned on small and smallest curvy roads with good to medium quality blacktop.
Riding qulaification: The rider should be in good command of his/her bike. All routes are road routes only, we do not go off-road. Our tours are suitable for all types of motorcycles. The tour guides instructions must be followed at all times.
Breaks:  Breaks are planned in frequent intervals You may refuel and buy drinks or snacks during the breaks. Aroiund midday we will stop near good restaurants where you may take a lunch (not included). There is no obligation to use the restaurant. If the group jointly decides to extend a break, our tour guides will be happy to comply as your fun is our main aim.

Sightseeing:  Our tour area offers countless places worth seeing. As we want you to experience the beauty of the South West from the back of  your bike, we do not plan any sightseeing visit. 
If the group jointly decides on a sight seeing, our tour guides will be happy to comply - as your fun is our aim.
Sightseeing breaks may shorten the actual ride time sigificantly.

* Tour dates are subject to change until our booking confirmation.

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