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Saiesbury Plain

Carpets come from Pakistan, India or Persia ? Axminster was world famous for its carpets.. well before they decided to outsource to the East. But they re still there, these small factories, well preserved relicts from the past and still working, thougfh nowadays more or less as tourist attractions only. But having said that, we dont want to carry carpets on our bikes, don`t we ? You do ? Well ask the tour guide, he may have some space on his bike or we can send a van to collect your purchase (not included , smile)
And on we go, the backroads of the Salesbury Plain are waiting for us, we pass Avebury (prehistoric site) Marlborough (no chance for free fags..) through the Vale of Pewsey, the rocky Cheddar Gorges, the Mendip Hills, the swamps of the Somerset Levels and finally the Blackdown Hills. You have earned yourself your dinner today...

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