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2015 Tours » Jurrassic Coast

The Jurassic Coast

This tour takes us back in time 180 Million years. We cross the famous lime rocks, where, until these days, fossils are found which are tens of thousands of years old. We pass Lyme Regis, famous location when Cesars legions tried to pacify this island, stop in romantic villages and small towns along the coast. We may take a picture of our bike with the Hardy Memorial in the background (there were a few more poets than Shakespeare in Britain) and then stop a few minutes at Clouds Hill, the house of T.E. Larence, the famous British spy aka Lawrence of Arabia before we pass Lulworth Cove, perhaps pack a lobster in the top case (lucky if you have one else its the good old rucksack) at Poole harbor, throw a glance at Cranborn Chase before turning back to our tour hotel, longing to sit down, have a drink and stretch the legs again.

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