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2015 Tours » Time to say Good bye

Its Saturday again, and its the last day of your tour to the South West. We leave the hotel pretty early today and head towards London where the Ace Cafe is waiting for us. We take an extended coffe/tea-break at this famous biker´s meeting place before the tour guide takes you back to Dover to make sure you dont miss your ferry, which, of course, has been booked by us (included in tour price) already.

In the past week, we have been travelling 2,700kms with you and for sure you will never experience any problem again with driving on the wrong side of the road.

We hope you have enjoyed riding the tour in the same way as our team enjoyed preparing and test riding it for you. Maybe you are now able to understand better, why we are so fond of this part of England and perhaps even share our enthuisiasm (Rebooking forms are available on this website for download (smile)9.

We have enjoyed taking care of you and hope our performance has met your expectations. If we did, why not sending us a like on facebook and let others know as well. If there was something you find worth telling us about, send us a mail at comments@celstco.com or leave a message in our guest-book (click the link under the pictiure of Dover) so we can become better.

We wish you a safe trip home !

And.. please remember when you leave the ferry at Calais

- always look to your left first, and then to your right !! :-)

Auf Wiedersehen, Bye Bye, Tot Ziens, Uf Wiederluege

Your  CELSTCO - Team

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